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Client safety is foremost with DLS Limousine and Coach. Our chauffeurs are selected with your comfort and safety in mind. Each chauffeur is screened for their driving record in addition to thorough background checks.

A Brief History of Chauffeur

A chauffeur is an individual who operates any self-propelled vehicle (automobile) for a profession. While the term may refer to anybody who drives for a living, it usually implies a driver of an elegant passenger vehicle such as a horse-drawn carriage, luxury sedan, motor coach, or especially a limousine; those who operate non-passenger vehicles are generally referred to as "drivers" (as in bus drivers and truck drivers). In some countries, particularly developing nations where a ready supply of labor ensures that even the middle classes can afford domestic staff and among the wealthy, the chauffeur may simply be called the "driver."

"Chauffeur" is the modern French masculine term (noun/verb) derived from the meaning "he who heats". The earliest automobiles, like their railroad and sea vessel counterparts, were steam-powered and required the driver to pre-heat the engine to produce energy, thus, the French term for stoker was adapted.

DLS Limousine and Chauffeur Service

Our chauffeur training program includes a series of specialized training videos, "hands-on" training supervised by our senior chauffeur staff and finally a gradual driving progression from our sedans to the largest "Super-stretch" limousines in our fleet.

Our chauffeurs are trained to provide the highest level of Limousine Service in a safe, courteous manner. We are reliable, conscientious, and courteous. Count on us with giving perfect solutions to your limousine chauffeur requirements.

“Whatever your expectations – we aim to exceed them”
DLS Limousine & Coach Management